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about this site:

This site displays broadcast QSL reply cards (and other ephemera as well) acknowledging listeners' reports of domestic and international broadcasts, mostly on short wave bands but also on the medium wave and long wave bands as well.

These cards date from the 1930s up until current times. Some of them come from my own reception reports between 1968 and 2015, but the majority come from my eBay bids over the past six or seven years on QSL cards from other shortwave listeners, many of them long since gone from the hobby. I'll continue to add cards to this site as I get them.

This site is much less about showcasing what is admittedly a fairly modest collection than it is about displaying a representative sampling of broadcast QSL cards issued over the course of the 20th century. I see broadcast QSL cards and their related ephemera as historical items, and I want this site to be my small contribution on the Web to the preservation of at least a small part of their history. (And I guess I should add here that the cards displayed on this site are not for sale.)

Regarding the scanned images of the cards shown here, I haven't "improved" any of the images of cards from other QSLers, the bulk of the cards that appear on this site -- I've simply scanned them and displayed them as they came to me, "warts and all", certainly the right way to go for displaying what I consider to be historical objects -- although out of respect for the original SWLs' privacy, I've blurred their names and addresses.

But for my own QSL cards, at least those from 1968-1970, I've needed to Photoshop out all the pinholes and Scotch tape residue on my cards -- I was a teenager when I got them, and most of them are a shameful mess. Luckily, they make up a fairly small portion of the cards shown on this site. (If you're interested, you can read a bit about my own early teenage SWLing experiences here)

And while SWLing and QSL cards have been an off-and-on interest of mine since my teens, my true and constant radio passion over the past thirty years or so has been collectible vintage transistor radios -- please take a few minutes to check out my site, Transistor Radios Around the World

....... QSL cards ....... station log ....... some ephemera ....... more galleries ....... about this site .......

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