006P: "Batteries ARE Included!"

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(I started collecting these when... well, I really don't know
when it was that I started collecting these...

They were annoyances at first, those small pregnant acid-bombs which I would find ticking away inside the transistor radios I collect.

At some point I saw that these batteries were cuties in their own right, and that's when I started looking for them...)

In the early '60s they were packaged like cigarettes,
wrapped in clear cellophane with a blood red tear-open band...

And most of them had the designation, "006P," or "BL-006P."

I don't know what that means...

Or even if it has any meaning beyond: "006P is a 9-volt battery of this particular shape and size."

(There were several other shapes & sizes for 9-volt batteries then --
page 7 shows some examples of these.)

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