Alan Kastner's "RadioWallah" is without question the best transistor radio site on the web -- A truly amazing depth of solid historical info available absolutely nowhere else can be found here, as well as hundreds of crystal-clear images of some of the most rare and gorgeous Japanese transistor radios ever made. Alan is a true radio historian and a first-class collector, the top in his field.

James Butter's wonderful "Transistor Radio Design" has a lot of rare and very cool transistor radios, most of them beautifully photographed. Lots of info here, too. And the site design and layout is great!

Michael Jack's enormous "TRANSISTOR RADIOS" site is amazing -- so many great radios photographed so well! The home page's frequent updates make it worthwhile to revisit the site often.

Eric Wrobbel's homepage offers for sale his many fine books & videos on transistor radios and related collectibles

The Collectors Weekly's "transistor radios page" gives links to some of the better radio web sites -- but better, it also gives an up-to-the-minute listing of the best transistor radios being auctioned on eBay!

THE TRANSISTOR RADIO DIRECTORY: Aldo Andreani's HUGE list of transistor radio sites, and other radio sites as well over 200,000 photos of over 100,000 vintage radios documented here -- need I say more?

Antique Radios--The Collector's Resource is the oldest and largest antique radio site on the Web

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