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European transistors

1960 Braun T 31,
sorely awaiting some
serious restoration:

This 7-transistor model shares the same cabinet as Braun's first pocket transistor, the 1958 6-transistor T 3.

(Just in case you're wondering: Yes, I DO know pretty much EXACTLY how I'm gonna restore this radio to like-new condition -- and I even have a timetable! Should be ready, oh, say about the time that websites are predominantly real-time 3D holograms)...


So you think THOSE pics are pathetic? Look at this photo of a treasured T3 snapped up at a flea market in Germany -- the photo is from Design+Design, the quarterly magazine for Braun collectors:


New York's Museum of Modern Art usually has at least one Braun radio on display in its design gallery.

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