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Philips/Norelco L1X75T/64RA,
Philips L1X75T/R,
Philips L1X75T/52:

Circa 1958/59. A coatpocket radio, measuring 6 1/4" x 3 3/8" x 1 5/16", tapering to 1 3/16" at each end. Black ABS cabinet with either an aluminum or chrome speaker grill, depending on the model.

These are three variations on Philips Corp's most classic "pocket" transistor radio: The top set in the photo (Norelco) was marketed for the U.S., the middle set for Europe, and I believe the bottom set was marketed for Canada. Besides the obvious differences among tuning dials, the only other variation among these three was that the Norelco 64RA had a chromed grill instead of the brushed aluminum grill found on the other two models.

Some of these models -- maybe all three -- also came in burgundy or ivory colored cabinets. They look pretty, but IMHO black is the right color for these...

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