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Fuji Denki TRB-603 Weirdo Mystery Transistor

I hope no small children are in the room as you view this -- if there are, I apologize: Please tell them to think good thoughts before they go to bed tonight, and maybe they won't have nightmares about this faceless creature...

WHAT THE HELL IS THIS THING?!!! ...I have to believe that there was more to this cabinet face than what remains here -- but WHAT was it that was origionally there? Nobody else has come up with an example of this unsightly weirdo in any shape or form, which kinda makes it hard to compare & contrast. And so...

If you or anyone you know has any information leading to the identification and arrest of the Fuji Denki Mystery Radio, please contact me, Jack Palance, at

Unsolved Weirdo Transistor Mysteries,

(I promise you: the next radio won't give you the willies)...


U.W.T.M. UPDATE, 9/10/01: Paul and Deb Grubich wrote: "...we found this [Fuji Denki TRB-603] radio at an antique mall and it is exactly like yours. Nothing on the top, just plan old ivory color with a blue surround and black back."
(The back half of my set also is black, though not noted above.)

U.W.T.M. UPDATE, 11/16/99: A visitor to this page, Andrew Teton, has astutely noted in an email, "I assume you already 'see' this, but the [face of the] Denki Mystery radio looks exactly like a microphone, very clever of them metaphorically." On grounds that it may incriminate me, I'll neither confirm nor deny Andrew's assumption that I actually did see this visual metaphor before he stuck it right under my nose...


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