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Hitachi TH-667

Roger Handy's superb and classic book, "Made in Japan" makes a strong implication that the Hitachi TH-667 was the radio which Dolores Hayes (aka, Lolita) was listening to when she first caught Humbert Humbert's gaze... And because of that, the 667 has become know among transistor collectors as "the Lolita radio." Too bad, since the actual radio on 'Lo's beach blanket in the movie was a Zenith 500. Perhaps Roger chose the Hitachi because only Hitachi supplemented many of its transistor radio model numbers with "girl" names: "Betty," "Marie," "Kelley," to name a few...

Besides this beautiful pale green, the 667 also came in cabinet colors including gray, pale blue, and a true pink. Measures 6 5/8 x 4 1/4 x 1 3/4...

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