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Hitachi WH-761 "Betty"

4 1/2"H x 2 3/4"W x 1 1/8"D

A handsome c.1959/60 7-transistor reverse-plastic pocket radio which I sometimes think gets overlooked simply because it's a two-band set... It's SW band covers an adsurdly broad 3.8-12MHz, but what selectivity the set does have does in fact allow it to tune in many of the powerhouse broadcasters -- and if you grew up tuning in SW broadcasters through headphones on a tube tabletop radio, it's quite a revelation to hear some of these same stations coming in loud & clear on a pocket radio!

Hitachi owns the odd distinction of having adorned many of its transistor radio models with "girl" nicknames: "Annie," "Kelly," "Marie," "Judy," and so forth... This shortwave WH-761 "Betty" also appears in a Marine Band version, the WH-761M "Wilma."

Nope, just kidding about "Wilma" -- but this radio WAS in fact produced in both a shortwave and a marine band version, and under several model numbers for each set: WH-761, WH-761SB, and WH-761SW for the shortwave version; and WH-761M and WH-761MB for the marine band version.

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