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Sanyo 10S-P10

Even though the previous Sanyo is a real looker compared to this one, I think this set is "better" because it's less of a transistor radio and more of an actual shortwave portable, however limited its performance may be:

Unlike most SW transistor sets, this one actually has more than one shortwave band -- in this case, 2-6 MHz and 6-18 MHz. And keeping in the SW portable vein, it also has a battery meter, dial light, tone control, and ext speaker jack. And it also has that nice "world" graphic in reverse plastic on the tuning dial.

As a shortwave radio, it's little more than a joke, of course, but as a SW portable it's not all that bad for its size way back when...

A 10 transistor set, its cabinet measures 9 x 4 1/4 x 2.

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2007 by Robert Davidson,

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