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1959 Toshiba "Lace" TR-193
and 1959 Trancel TP-194

4 1/8"H x 2 5/8"W x 1 3/8"D

The Toshiba "Lace" radio's face consists of actual lace fiber captured by acrylic. When one collector pointed this out to his fellow travelers in 1991, the "Lace" was soon added to the half-dozen or so Japanese transistors grudgingly accepted as "collectible" among transistor radio collectors at the time -- the conventional wisdom of the day being that, with a few rare exceptions, only U.S. transistors were worthy of collecting...

The TR-193/4 "Lace," obviously marketed for girls and women, was one of Toshiba's earliest shirtpocket radios. A laceless and more "masculine" chromed-grill version was released the same year, as the Trancel TP-194, and also under the Toshiba label with the same 5TR-193/5TR-194 model numbers as the "Lace" versions...

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