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1960 7TP-352M, 1960 7TP-352S

both cabinets measure 5"H x 3"W x 1 1/4"D

Both models are 7-transistor 2-band AM / SW radios. They differ only in their SW coverage:

The 352M covers what was then known as the "Marine Band," in a pre-VHF ship-to-shore era, covering from the top of the AM broadcast band to 5 MHz (or MC, as it was known at the time). Marine communications were the most likely to be heard here, but this also was territory for several amateur radio bands, a couple of "tropical" SW broadcast bands, and all sorts of FAX, RTTY, and beacon transmissions as well.

The 352S's SW coverage included six international SW broadcast bands between 6 and 18 MHz. As shortwave receivers, both radios were obviously no more than toys -- but then it's still a lot of fun to tune in Radio Deutsche Welle or the Voice of Russia on what is, after all, a forty-year-old pocket transistor radio...

2007 by Robert Davidson,

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