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c.1962 "Crwon's"

Horizontal coat pocket, thermoplastic cabinet
6 7/16 x 3 3/4 x 1 5/8 inches / 164 x 95 x 41 mm
MW, six transistors, superheterodyne circuit

An interesting radio, especially for its contradictions, all located in the upper right-hand corner of the face: "9+1 Special Japan". For the "+1" part, yes, it does have a diode. And the "9"? Well, in fact, there are exactly SIX transistors in this circuit — no need for dummy transistors on this job! And "Special Japan"? I really can't say what the "Special" is about, but in terms of "Japan", yes, the electrolytics are Japanese, and maybe some other components as well — no word here on the top hat transistors: all six have no identifying markings on them. The tuning capacitor is Italian-made (see chassis photo below), and the cabinet is also made in Italy (see photo below). Whew! What to make of a set like this? Well, it's certainly not a bad-looking oddball, but where did that bizarre name,"CRWON'S" come from? And pronouncing it???

A quick glance at the tuning dial could make one think that this is a two-band radio, when in fact it is simply a single-band set covering the standard MW broadcast band: the numbers above the slide rule dial correspond to kHz/100, and the numbers below correspond to meters/100.

c.1962 "Crwon's"

c.1962 "Crwon's"


"Crwon's" chassis — click on the photo for a larger image

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