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1959 Philips L1F95T

Micro-table / coat pocket radio, thermoplastic cabinet
6 5/8 x 3 1/2 x 1 3/8 inches / 168 x 89 x 35 mm
2-band MW/LW, seven transistors (OC44, 2x OC45, OC70, OC71, two unidentified)
Superheterodyne circuit, hand-wired chassis
Four 1.5v AA cells
Manufactured by Philips France, Paris

This is the only 2-band "Fanette" I've come across. (And I haven't found the actual name given by Philips France for this model, so "Fanette" will have to do for now.) The cabinet is a beautiful glossy deep green color, something else I haven't seen on any other example of these Philips radios. (For more info on these, see my Philips Fanette page.)

Like many European MW/LW radios, this set's MW band is calibrated in meters and the LW band displays by name the most common LW broadcasters of the time. Radios made in France designated their bands as "PO" (Petites ondes) and "GO" (Grandes ondes), "PO" being MW, and "GO" LW. The band-change slide switch is on the cabinet's left side, visible in the first photo below.

Three transistors (black Euros, OC44, OC70, OC71) are mounted on the underside of the circuit board. Two aluminum can transistors are shield-mounted on the top side of the circuit board and buried under wires too tightly to remove and identify them, and two OC45 transistors (black Euros, 4Y9, 4ZE) are also mounted on the top side of the circuit board.

1959 Philips L1F95T

1959 Philips L1F95T

chassis underside — click on the photo for a larger image

chassis — click on the photo for a larger image
(I left the black plastic battery sleeve in place for this photo
because the only model number tag is on the battery sleeve itself —
unlike other Philips models, there are no tags underneath it)

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