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1957 Voxson 725 Zephyr

Small portable, thermoplastic cabinet
6 1/2 x 4 1/8 x 1 7/8 inches / 165 x 105 x 47.6 mm
2-band MW/LW, six transistors (RCA, 3x 2N109, 2x 2N139, 2N140)
Superheterodyne circuit, vernier tuning
Six 1.5-volt cells
Manufactured by Voxson F.A.R.E.T., Rome

The first Voxon transistor radio, and one of the earliest Italian transistor radios, but most likely it wasn't the first. And the same goes for two other early Italian transistor radios, the Radiabla Model 2010 by Radio Allocchio Bacchini, and CEI's Beta/Selonyx Hermann.

From correspondence I've received from Italian radio collectors, the Allocchio Bacchini 2001 is now considered the prime candidate, but according to Aldo Andreani, "this could be the real first Italian transistor radio, but so far no one knows if it ever entered the market".

This Zephyr 725 was Voxson's first transistor radio model. A two-band MW/LW set, employing RCA transistors and a vernier tuning dial and a lift-up handle — seems to me the only thing left out here was good Italian design!

1957 Voxson 725 Zephyr

chassis — click on the photo for a larger image

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