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1946 Pa-Kette

Pa-Kette Electric Corp., Kearney, Nebraska
Distributed by Western Manufacturing Company, Kearney, Nebraska
Crystal detector radio
3 1/8 x 2 x 7/8 inches / 79 x 50 x 22 mm
Black Bakelite cabinet

A pocket radio, but not a portable radio — the ground and antenna wires needed to be anchored to something metal. The "speaker" was in fact a large earphone — you could hear broadcasts only by holding the radio against your ear.

This was the first of several models ("Pee-Wee", "Tinytone") sold by Western Manufacturing Company over the following decade.

The Pa-Kette was originally advertised for $3.99 plus postage (see Radio Mirror ad below, sent to me by Dan Hughes). This radio is memorable now for its unique way of packaging a crystal radio, for its cabinet size and layout — a true shirt pocket radio in design even if not quite in fact.


1946 Pa-Kette


The tuning coil was wound around a cardboard box frame


The crystal detector and fixed capacitor were
tucked inside the tuning coil's cardboard frame

Pa-Kette ad

an ad in Radio Mirror magazine, April 1946

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