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1959 Атмосфера (Atmosphere)

Portable radio, thermoplastic cabinet
8 1/2 x 6 1/8 x 1 5/8 inches / 220 x 156 x 41 mm
2-band LW/MW, seven transistors (Russian, 4x П-13A, 3x П-402, + д-28 glass diode), superheterodyne circuit
Two large 4.5-volt batteries
Manufactured at Voronezh Radio Works, Leningrad (Saint Petersburg)

The second mass-production transistor radio made in Russia — the total production run was probably fewer than 10,000 units. (The first mass-production set was the 1958 Surprise (Сюрприз), with 2700 units reportedly produced.) Original price for the Atmosphere with batteries: 40 rubles, 25 kopecks (about $1.35 in today's currency). It's interesting to note that the seven-transistor Атмосфера used only two different transistors in its circuit (4x П-13A, 3x П-402).

The Atmosphere came in a variety of cabinet colors. The unit shown here has a turquoise front half, a burgundy back half and a pink handle. Other cabinet colors included green, blue, and pink, as well as various color combinations for the front half, back half and handle.

Several more Atmosphere models were to follow: the Atmosphere-2 in 1960, and the Atmosphere-2M in 1962 — the Atmosphere-2 retained the same circuitry as the original Atmosphere, and the 2M had only slight modifications to its circiut, but their cabinet designs were completely different from this original Atmosphere model.

1959 Атмосфера (Atmosphere)

1959 Атмосфера (Atmosphere)

chassis — click on the photo for a larger view

chassis detail — click on the photo for a larger view

inside back

schematic from "Pocket Radio Receivers", 1961 —
click on the image for a larger view

page from "Pocket Radio Receivers", 1961

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