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"Leningrad" radio

Home-made pocket radio, thermoplastic cabinet
5 1/8 x 3 3/16 x 1 9/16 inches / 130 x 81 x 40 mm)
MW, four transistors (2x П-13, П-15, П-402), one diode
Superheterodyne circuit

I truly would love to hear from collectors in Russia about this radio (please email me at, because I can't even begin to guess where the cabinet for this home-made radio came from, other than that it almost certainly was not a radio cabinet to begin with. So what did it house originally? Some sort of child's toy? Clearly it was something electronic: the prefabricated PC board is cut and rounded at the corners to fit this cabinet perfectly, as if it belonged with the cabinet from the beginning. And the speaker looks to have been part of the original make-up, no surprise there.

There are two worded references to Leningrad on the cabinet, one on the front and one on the back. And with its figurative relief-imprinted designs on both front and back, this cabinet is much more ornamental than a typical transistor radio cabinet.

And the cabinet plastic itself is also intriguing: soft and translucent, with a "butterscotch"-colored front half and a "caramel"-colored back half, a beautiful color combination only made better by the plastic's translucent quality.

The two P-13 (П-13) transistors were produced at the Светлана (Svetlana) plant in Leningrad. The P-15 (П-15) transistor with the "T" stamp was produced at the Новгородский (Novgorod) plant, Russia, between 1960 and 1966.


"Leningrad" pocket radio — the tuning dial knob is missing


"Leningrad" pocket radio


front face detail


back face


back face detail


chassis — click on the photo for a larger image —
note the seldom-seen white star painted on top of the П402 transistor: according to
transistor collector and historian Andrew Wylie, the white star designation indicates
that a transistor marked this way was originally designated for military applications.


pc board — click on the photo for a larger image

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