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c.1960 Bell Products "Hit Parade"

Shirt pocket radio, nylon cabinet
3 7/8 x 2 1/2 x 1 1/8 inches / 99 x 63 x 29 mm
One transistor, one diode
Two 1.5-volt AA cells
Manufactured by Bell Products, St. Louis, MO

An earphone-only radio. Who else but Bell Products would come up with a one-transistor radio? Both the transistor and the glass diode in my example are unidentifiable. The tuning dial markings ( "1"—"14") correspond to nothing, neither in meters nor kilohertz. But the cabinet plastic is nylon rather than ABS, and that's a nice thing.

I've dated this as c.1960 — might be later, might be earlier — an unverified advertisement (see photo below) for the "Hit Parade" found on the Web is stated to have come from a 1959 comic book.

Bell Products "Hit Parade"

Bell Products "Hit Parade"

back face

circa 1959: "HEY KIDS! Conelrad broadcasts! Duck & Cover! Wonderful sound!"

chassis — click on photo for a larger image

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