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1958 Motorola 7X23E

Coat pocket radio, leatherette-covered aluminum cabinet
5 15/16 x 3 3/4 x 2 1/8 inches / 151 x 95 x 54 mm
Seven transistors (Motorola, 2x 2N168A, 2x 2N241, 2N265, 2x 2N293), superheterodyne circuit
Four 1.5-volt AA cells
Manufactured by Motorola, Inc., Chicago, Illinois

Commonly referred to by collectors as the Motorola "Jet Wing" — this was one of many US transistor radio designs at the time that made visual reference to new, forward-looking technologies. Unfortunately, many examples of this and several other early Motorola transistor radio models suffered from a plastic mold that attacked the tuning dial and the tuning window housing.

Motorola 7X23E

Motorola 7X23E

inside label

chassis — click on the photo for a larger image

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