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1955 Raytheon 8TP series

Portable radio, leather-covered hardboard (Masonite) cabinet
7 x 9 1/4 x 2 3/4 inches / 178 x 235 x 70 mm
Eight/seven transistors (see below), superheterodyne circuit
Four 1.5 volt cells
Manufactured by Raytheon Mfg. Co., Waltham, MA

The world's second commercially-produced transistor radio — released in February, 1955

This example has the second 8TP chassis version, the 7RT, as opposed to the original 8-transistor 8RT chassis — this is a seven-transistor circuit using three of the beautiful blue Raytheon transistors (one CK759 and two CK760s) and four black CK721 transistors.
(The original 8RT chassis used 2x CK761, 3x CK760, and 3x CK722.) Both versions were produced and sold in 1955.

The cabinet was made of hardboard (Masonite) covered in leather. A stamp on the bottom left corner of the back face reads, "GENUINE TOP GRAIN COWHIDE". The Raytheon 8TP was released in four different cabinet colors, each with a different model number:
8TP-1: Tan
8TP-2: Dark brown
8TP-3: Off-white
8TP-4: Red and black

Raytheon 8TP

1955 Raytheon 8TP-4 (7RT chassis)

Raytheon 8TP

7RT chassis — click on the photo for a larger image

Raytheon 8TP

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