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1957 Westinghouse H-653P6

Micro-table radio, thermoplastic cabinet
6 1/16 x 3 1/8 x 1 9/16 inches / 154 x 79 x 40 mm
Six(?) transistors (Texas Instruments, 3x 2N185, 2N254, 2N352, one unidentified?), superheterodyne circuit
One tubular 9-volt battery
Made by Westinghouse Electric Corp., Metuchen, New Jersey

A beautiful micro-table radio — a beautiful radio of any kind!

A cabinet and chassis layout very similar to the 1957 Westinghouse H-612P5, but a different transistor complement.

Because the speaker and its large copper plate housing are soldered to the chassis board, obscuring the components underneath, it's hard to identify the components on the board — I was able to identify five silver oval Texas Instruments transistors, listed above. If there's a sixth, it's either hidden or just not there. There is nothing on the cabinet to indicate the transistor count, but a Radio Museum page and my own ancient M31 Transistors page both identify this as a 6-transistor radio.

Westinghouse H-653P6

Westinghouse H-653P6

inside back cover

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