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1959/1960 Bulova 720

Coat pocket / small portable radio, thermoplastic cabinet
6 1/8 x 3 1/8 x 1 7/8 inches / 156 x 79 x 47.6 mm
Seven transistors: RCA 2N408, 2N410, 2N412, plus four others (D295, G2740H, R6034, VFG274)
Superheterodyne circuit
One 9-volt battery
Made by Bulova Watch Corp.; Woodside, New York

The Bulova 720 appears to have been a later, "Deluxe" version of the original 1957 Bulova 620 Comet: on this turquoise cabinet version, the grille color has been changed from black to red, the speaker badge was changed, and the tuning dial got fancier — see the photo below of a turquoise 620 Comet for comparison.

The circuit was improved as well, with a full complement of seven transistors. (Various print and web sources give the 620 Comet as having either four or five transistors — the 620 example I have has five transistors.) One interesting thing is that the tell-tale sign of a low transistor count, the words "All Transistor" on a cabinet face, shows up not only on the original 620 Comet but also here on the 7-transistor Bulova 720, likely a remnant of the 620's cabinet having been put into service for the 720 model.

This example has the date "Jul 18 1960" stamped in red ink on its tuning capacitor's aluminum housing.

1959/1960 Bulova 720

1959/1960 Bulova 720

for comparison: 1957 Bulova 620 "Comet"

Bulova 720 chassis — click on the photo for a larger image

Bulova 720 inside back cover

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