The M31 gallery of reverse plastic:

Five Fossil Watch tins in a transistor radio vein...

In the mid-to-late '90s, Fossil Watch Company came out with a whole slew of watches that were housed in a whole slew of aluminum watch cases -- dozens and dozens, including at least five which had Fossil-modified images of vintage transistor radios.

All were digitally-modified images taken from Roger Handy's 1993 book, "Made in Japan." And "taken" is an appropiate euphemism here, as these copyrighted images were Fossilized without ANY request for rights of reproduction...

The five Fossil tins shown above are modified images of (left to right) the Sony TR-86 (p.26), Truetone DC-3090 (p.61), Realtone "Electra" TR-801 (p.80), Crown TR-555 (p.43), and an oddball "Selfix" (p.64)...

2007 by Robert Davidson,

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Hoffman 707 Lafayette 200 Harpers 6TR Kowa KT91 Mitsubishi 300 Crown 670 3 cuties Barlow 180 Crown 555 Standard 210 Toptone 610 Harpers 631 Capehart 203 Voss 6TR Star Lite 6TR Daylite 603 Harpers 900 Aiwa 6TR Crown 86 Seminole 801 Crown 800 Top Notch 6TR NEC 620 Linmark 80 Viscount 103 J-Travis TR8 Crown 666 Mitsubishi 360 Hi-Delity 330 Crestline 280 2 cuties Lafayette 91 2 Cuties
Ditto Global 900s Zephyr 930s Mignon IIA International 2 Standards Nipco Lafayette 253 Mitsubishi 870 Fossil Faux Crown 911 Sharp "Collie" Sony TR-86 3 Sweeties Sanyo and... a nice shtpkt Hitachi 666 Sharp 201 3 nice ones Jaguar 250 Global 711 Wilco ST-88 Sony TR-75 Sony TR-608