Royal Scot
Hitachi "Lolita

Honeytone 601
Sharp 182

Avis AS-615
Polyrad P-86

NEC mini
Nipco and

Fuji Weirdo
...Mystery Radio

Hitachi 627
little Eden
Crown 770R
"Portalarm" shtpkt

Sampson SC4000 shtpkt

a sharp & solid
...Solid State


2 metal-faced

Realtone 1820
Hitachi "Marie"
G-L-O-R-I-A !
a Play Boy &
...a Hamilton

Golden Shield
a Spica shtpkt &
...Spica coatpocket

...T-50 coatpocket


Realtone 1871
...HK shirtpocket

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Many Great Japanese Transistor Radios!

While it's true that many of the radios here only would qualify as "also-rans," there are a number of really fine radios in this gallery which should have been in the "Cool and Collected" gallery, if only I had dug them out of storage when I made the "Cool" gallery. These would be the radios found on first eleven pages in this gallery, from "Royal Scot" to "Fuji Weirdo Mystery Radio." The rest are worth looking at too, of course -- but mostly for historical context.

"Historical context"?!

Yeah -- can you hold on a minute while I climb up on top of my soap box?
OK. So. Here is a pet peeve and fear of mine I've been nursing ever since I first started collecting transistor radios 22 years ago. It goes like this:

The history -- the "historical context" of transistor radios -- will grow dimmer and dimmer as the "collectible" short list continues to shorten.

2007 by Robert Davidson,

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