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1955 RCA 7-BT-9J 6-transistor shirtpocket,
1955 7-BT-10K 7-transistor portable:

These were RCA's first two transistor radios, released at about the same time in 1955. The portable 10K is not too difficult to find, but for some reason the pocket 9J is very hard to find -- few collectors have it. I had looked for it for over ten years before finding one in late 1999. I think it may be that not many were produced -- the serial number on this 9J is under 5000...

click here to view the 9J's box and papers

click here to view more 9J papers

click here to view the cover of the 1956 Spring / Summer edition of the Continental mail order catalog, featuring the RCA 7-BT-10K

click here to view the Continental catalog's page featuring the RCA 7-BT-10K and -9J

From the "What's New in Radio" column in the October 1955 RADIO & TELEVISION NEWS

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