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1957 GE P-715 Coatpocket Transistor Radio:

This radio is notable for its unique extruded-aluminum cabinet -- so if ya got a radio with a metal cabinet, where do you put the dang antenna? It can't go inside the cabinet, 'cause the cabinet is METAL!

Motorola solved the problem with it's own metal-cabinet transistors by putting the antenna inside the radios' plastic "handles," with some of the handles literally occupying more cubic inches than the typical Japanese pocket transistor radio of the time...

GE's solution was much more intelligent and far less memorable than what Motorola came up with: a plastic cutout section in the cabinet itself, a 1/2" x 1/2" plastic cross-section antenna housing fitted along the back top edge of the cabinet...

ADDED DECEMBER 2007: Be sure to click on either of the links below to read a fine article by music aficionado "Big Geez" recounting his childhood memories involving the P-715:

Blogcritics Magazine

Geezer Music Critics

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