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1967 Orljonok (Орлёнок)

Micro-pocket radio, thermoplastic cabinet
3 3/16 x 2 1/8 x 1 1/8 inches / 97 x 54 x 29 mm
2-band LW/MW, seven transistors, superheterodyne circuit
Manufactured at Sarapulsky Radioworks Ordzhonikidze, Sarapul, Russia

Extremely cute little micro radios, especially with their toy-like cabinet colors. Smaller and better proportioned than the squarish, much more commonly found, "Cosmos". Band switch on cabinet back, two ferrite rods and also an external screw for a wire antenna. This "first" version was produced at least through 1970.


1967 Orljonok (Орлёнок) Note the pentagonal "State Quality Mark of the USSR"
emblem to the right of the Орлёнок name, the stamp of the Soviet agency
established in 1967 to distinguish higher-quality products made in the USSR


Three Orljonoks — the green one on the left was made
for the domestic market and the other two for export


domestic and export — "Made in USSR" indicates an export radio


chassis of domestic version

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